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Projects Completed

Art Gallery App

Mobile app allows art gallery visitors to plan trips, see current artwork collections and buy tickets.

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Step Counter App

An Apple watchOS and iOS step counter app which gives users a quick glance at their steps.

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Budget App

Budget app which helps first-time budgeters easily learn how to think in terms of a budget.

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Digital Driver’s License App

Mobile app allows drivers to substitute their phones for a physical license for traffic purposes.

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Design System

Design System allows team members to access a single source of truth and quickly produce value.

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Medical Diagnosis App

Web application allows licensed medical personnel to remotely diagnose patients.

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Sketch Note App

Sketch note app allows users to create quick sticky notes on their phones.

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Event Guide App

Mobile app provides conference attendees quick access to relevant presentation details and schedule information.

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Food Truck Site

A responsive website for a food truck allows visitors to find its daily location and pay ahead.

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Karaoke Competition App

iOS application allows patrons to create and participate in ad hoc karaoke competitions.

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Continuing education is an important part of being a designer. Staying on track in technology means serving the users. This also means watching the industry leaders and learning from them.

W3C Accessibility

It makes moral and business sense to ensure everyone can use your app.

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Google UX Design

I studied Google’s own internal UX process for knowing what users need.

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Interaction Design

People respond to digital products based on prior experiences in combination with our brains’ wiring.

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Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the market leader of for image manipulation.

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UX Design is discovering and knowing what to build. UX means talking to users and getting their input.

  • Accessible Content Development
  • Information Architecture
  • User Research


Interaction Design is creating an interface or process around the users’ problems and goals. It’s informed by the UX research phase.

  • Accessible & Inclusive Design
  • Creative Cloud
  • Figma
  • Graphic Design


Technology is how users’ solutions are built. Good design takes technology into account.

  • Accessible Markup
  • Bootstrap
  • GitHub