Event Guide App

Mobile app provides conference attendees quick access to relevant presentation details and schedule information.

Project Stats

  • Type Personal
  • Platform Xamarin
  • Status Proposed

Project Roles

  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer

Project Goal

Create a mobile app for people attending SQL Saturday Baton Rouge, LA, an annual developer-focused conference. Allow them to bookmark sessions and browse by session metadata.

Target Audience

Developers, database administrators, and other information technology workers such as designers, projects managers, and business analysts.

Persona card for William who represents back end developers and users who care about the data model of the app. Persona card for Gwenly who represents designers and the information organization within the app.

Initial Design Concepts

The initial design concepts were sketched on the fly in one of the initial planning meetings for the event. Using an ad hoc competitive analysis of other event guide apps, the event advisory board generated the app parameters.

Digital hand sketch of the home screen and bookmarked sessions screen. Digital hand sketch of the session details screen and the session categories screen. Digital hand sketch of the speaker details screen.

Research & Key Challenges

Research was conducted using past years’ attendees’ feedback surveys. Features were generated from insights gathered from the surveys

The app is designed to be easily developed using Xamarin and many pre-defined layouts within Xamarin. Using pre-defined layouts enabled us to produce the app more quickly for both iOS and Android phones.

Usability Testing

Usability was taken from the limitations and the considerations discussed by the executive. These items were influenced by the timeline and technical constraints of the project.

Feature constraints captured from an executive team member. Technical constraints captured from several executive team members.


As dark modes are all the rage among developer IDEs, I designed the app with dark mode only (which helped my short turn around time). For the next year I will add a light mode to the app. The annual event is including more management types, so the inclusion of an additional choice will be timely.