Karaoke App

iOS application allows patrons to create and participate in ad hoc karaoke competitions.

Project Stats

  • Type Contest Winner
  • Platform Xamarin
  • Status Published

Project Roles

  • UI Designer
  • 🌟 Star Performer

Project Goal

Plan an app which met specified contest theme criteria in three hours.

Target Audience

The target audience could be the contest judges (this was for a contest) or the imaginary users.

Research & Key Challenges

No research was done for this app. We had three hours to concept an app, design it, and present it. Given our time constraints, we used Lean UX and Genius Design while keeping user-centric principles in mind.

The app doesn’t require logins or accounts. It will use local device wifi and bluetooth connection to communicate with other users.

Initial Concepts

Sketches were created after ad hoc audience interviews. Wireframes were skipped due to the contest time limit.


Ad hoc interviews with audience members were carried out to determine potential problems users might encounter in a real life situation.


The team designing this app, “The Pun-o-matics,” of which I was a part with Michael Alford, won 1st Place People’s Choice and 2nd Place Professionals’ Choice awards. It was conceived and designed at Adobe Creative Jam, New Orleans.