Step Counter App

An Apple watchOS and iOS step counter app which gives users a quick glance at their steps.

Project Stats

  • Type Personal
  • Platform iOS
  • Status Published

Project Roles

  • UI Designer

Project Goal

The goal is to design an iOS and watchOS app which lets users easily see their daily steps.

Target Audience

The user for Duffy is a health-conscious user. They’re probably best described as lay persons of the fitness world.

Research & Key Challenges

Research was performed by interviewing iOS Health app users to determine their pain points and delights while using that app.

The app should be fully usable from just the watchOS app. Also, keeping the app’s information concentrated on as few screens as possible for a glanceable app.

Initial Concepts

Sketches for the step counter app began as a collaborative meeting between the designer and developer.


Usability tests were performed by showing Figma mockups to potential friends and family to gain their initial impressions.


It’s a free app and you can get Duffy at the App Store for your Apple Watch and iPhone.