Resume for Isral Duke, inclusive products and experiences designer. Objectives, experience, skills, and other credentials.


I want to design inclusive experiences which everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

My journey to making digital experiences which are usable by all began by teaching users and clients how to use experiences I helped produce. I noticed that some interface patterns were more quickly understood than others. I also learned that some people face barriers which I can’t imagine. The more I examined this, I learned that accessibility is vital to people who face barriers I can’t imagine.

Whether taking courses or reading industry experts’ blogs, I continuously educate myself in my chosen career path.


Design Skills

  • Inclusive Design
  • Design Systems
  • Product Design
  • Visual Design

Technical Skills

  • Accessible Markup
  • Screen Readers
  • Frontend

UX Skills

  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Accessible Content
  • Public Speaking

Published Apps

  • Duffy, Apple Watch step tracker
  • La Wallet, Digital driver’s liense app (v1)
  • Squiddle, iOS note-taking app (v2 is in the works)



  • Master of Science, Information Technology, Web Design, Southern New Hampshire University, 2023
  • Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design, Louisiana State University, 2007



Lead UI / UX / Frontend Designer

Office of Technology Services

  • Kick-started the creation of a design system, user experience documentation, Figma libraries, Accessibility initiatives, and a branding documentation site
  • Created and maintained wireframe and mockup libraries to standardize business analysts’ work across teams
  • Introduced and advocated for accessibility, usability concerns in internal and public-facing experiences
  • Discovered end users’, stakeholders’, and product owners’ needs in planning massive enterprise-sized administrative web applications
  • Created wireframes and user flows for business analysts, policy makers, and SMEs for enterprise applications
  • Continuously updated accessibility and design practices based upon information from authoritative sources
  • Trained business analysts to use wireframing software such as Sketch and Figma
  • Trained developers in semantic HTML and screen readers
  • Mentored junior designers

Interaction / Frontend Designer


  • Designed the user interface for Louisiana’s first digital driver’s license, seen at
  • Started the accessibility documentation for use by designers and developers
  • Designed application mockups
  • Wrote design department policies
  • Planned information architecture for mobile health incentive applications
  • Determined data points in enterprise-sized content management systems (CMS)
  • Advocated for dark mode in applications even before wider operating support support
  • Mentored junior designers
  • Onboarded junior frontend developers in design collaboration

UX / Frontend Designer

STUN! Design

  • Discovered clients needs and goals for their digital products
  • Researched and presented accessibility plans for enterprise-sized civic clients
  • Created sitemaps for civic organizations based upon analytics reports
  • Kick-started a local tech conference
  • Implemented information architecture as data points in content management system (CMS) websites
  • Wrote front-end code for websites
  • Designed intranets for enterprise corporate clients
  • Developed and led client training efforts

Interaction Designer

Pinion LMS

  • Designed user interfaces for safety education and certification software
  • Educated stakeholders about accessibility in design
  • Implemented mobile-first information architecture for end users to use in the field
  • Wrote markup using frontend frameworks
  • Designed SVG icon sprites

UI Designer

St. James Technologies (now defunct)

  • Designed user interfaces for web and mobile applications
  • Designed the corporate brand and acted as the brand manager
  • Executed product photography
  • Designed icons

Design Specialist

I.T. by Design (now defunct)

  • Designed user interfaces for web, mobile, and desktop applications
  • Designed the corporate brand and acted as the brand manager
  • Designed icons