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App screen designs on iPhone and Apple Watch for the step counter app.

Step Counter App Details

An Apple watchOS and iOS step counter app which gives users a quick glance at their steps.

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Duffy is an iOS and Apple watchOS app which just shows your steps walked. Apple’s Activity and Health apps display your steps, but they’re hidden beneath a plethora of other data and sequential interactions. Users wanted a way to easily see just their steps walked, without navigating through the other data offered by Apple’s stock apps.

Scope and Constraints

Duffy is fully usable from just the watchOS app. The user doesn’t really have to use the iOS app, except to install the watchOS app. We borrowed a lot of cues from Apple’s stock apps because these users are familiar with these apps. Data is set using the Duffy watchOS app, but not the Duffy iOS app. Duffy presents minimal data, just enough for the fitness lay user to set their goals and browse through their past step counts if they choose.

Additional Info

Duffy is a free app and you can get Duffy at the App Store for your Apple Watch and iPhone. I worked with Patrick Rills, the developer of Duffy, as we iteratively update the app.

Target Audience

The user for Duffy is a health-conscious user, but they’re probably best described as lay persons of the fitness world. They may not be gym members or calorie counters, but they’re aware that they need to walk during the day. They need to know how much to walk, and steps are a simple metric for these users.

Step counter app personas, Bruce and Tonya, representing two user groups.

Key Challenges

Our key challenge was keeping the app’s information concentrated on as few screens as possible. We also needed to give users a way to track and improve their progress. As a way to reward the user for using tracking and goals, we gamified the steps by awarding trophies when the user hits goal milestones.


Continuing education is an important part of being a designer. Staying on track in technology means serving the users. This also means watching the industry leaders and learning from them.

W3C Accessibility

It makes moral and business sense to ensure everyone can use your app.

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Google UX Design

I studied Google’s own internal UX process for knowing what users need.

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Interaction Design

People respond to digital products based on prior experiences in combination with our brains’ wiring.

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Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the market leader of for image manipulation.

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isral Duke’s Skills

UX Skills

UX Design is discovering and knowing what to build. UX means talking to users and getting their input.

  • Accessible Content Development
  • Information Architecture
  • User Research

Design Skills

Interaction Design is creating an interface or process around the users’ problems and goals. It’s informed by the UX research phase.

  • Accessible & Inclusive Design
  • Creative Cloud
  • Figma
  • Graphic Design

Technical Skills

Technology is how users’ solutions are built. Good design takes technology into account.

  • Accessible Markup
  • Bootstrap
  • GitHub