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iPhones showing the screen designs for the karaoke competiton app.

Karaoke Competition App Details

Two iPhones, one with the home page of the karaoke competition app, and the other phone with the screen to set team name.
Two iPhones, one showing the music genre selection screen, and other showing the song selection screen.

iOS application allows patrons to create and participate in ad hoc karaoke competitions.

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User & Audience

The audience for the karaoke compeition app, called “Let’s Duet Again” are bar patrons who want to compete as teams of two against other patrons. Oh, it’s not uncommon for these users to experience temporary use challenges, such as decreased cognitive capacities.

Karaoke competition app personas, Karina and Blake, representing two user groups.

Key Challenges

The app doesn’t require logins or accounts as it uses the bar’s wifi connection to communicate with other users of the same app on the local network. The app’s “disposable” nature precludes the need to create logins or save user information. (This results in an easier experience for patrons with less than their full cognitive capacity.) The apps work in conjunction to synchronize all aspects of the competition such as voting, queueing entrants, and loading songs.


No research was done for this app. We had three hours to concept an app, design it, and present it. Given our time constraints, we used Lean UX and Genius Design while keeping user-centric principles in mind.

Additional Info

The team designing this app, “The Pun-o-matics,” of which I was a part with Michael Alford, won 1st Place People’s Choice and 2nd Place Professionals’ Choice awards. The app isn’t actually built but I’d love to collaborate with interested parties in actually building it. It was conceived and designed at Adobe Creative Jam, New Orleans.

Karaoke competition app Adobe Creative Jam awards, won by Michael Alford and isral Duke.


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