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Food truck responsive web site being presented on iPads and iPhones.

Food Truck Site Details

Two phone screens, one with the home page of the food truck site, and the other phone with the food detail screen.
Two phone screens, one showing the shopping cart of the food truck site, and other with the order confirmation.

A responsive website for a food truck allows visitors to find its daily location and pay ahead.

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Project Role & Goal

During the BzzTruck responsive website project I acted as the UX Designer and Visual Designer. BzzTruck’s goal was to create a new, responsive website so customers can engage with it. The website allows visitors to see the BzzTruck’s location on the current day and the next day. It also allows customer to pay ahead for contactless payments.

Target Audience

BzzTruck’s audience is primarily onsite employees and workers in the cities where it has a presence. These are mostly office workers in a variety of sectors. The target audience is familiar and comfortable with mobile ordering.

Persona for Tina, one of the imaginary users to guide design decisions. Persona for Ricky, one of the imaginary users to guide design decisions.

Key Challenges

The key challenge was to condense the client’s desired features and market-standard features into a singe page website. This decision reduced the information architecture and navigation to bare minimum which tested well among participants.


Remote interviews uncovered popular food trucks in the regions where the participants lived. These participants also took part in the usability studies remotely, via teleconferencing and screen sharing.

Digital Wireframes

Digital wireframes created from the best hand sketches.

Usability Testing

Usability testing data was recorded in a spreadsheet for each of the participants. Each participant was asked to perform key tasks in the wireframes. Moderated, remote testing enabled us to answer questions about the function about the testing apparatus verses the actual wireframe design.

Affinity diagrams distilled from usability testing insights.


Depending on BzzTruck’s business success, a mobile application will designed which will feature notifications in conjunction with order ahead and proximity sensing.

Skill Sets


UX Design is learning about users and designing for their needs.

  • User Research
  • Accessible Content Development
  • Information Architecture


Interaction Design is creating an interface or process around the users’ challenges and goals.

  • Inclusive Design
  • Figma
  • Creative Cloud
  • Graphic Design

Technical Skills

Technology is how users’ solutions are built.

  • Accessible Markup
  • Bootstrap
  • GitHub


W3C Accessibility

Verify W3C Certification

Google UX Design

Verify UX Certification

Interaction Design (I.x.D.)

Verify I.x.D. Certification