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Image of iOS App Mascot

iOS App Mascot

Squiddle is also the name for the illustrated mascot of an iOS app of the same name.

Image of The Hermit Melody

The Hermit Melody

An illustration I drew which is a musician who spends time in his composition space.

Image of Product Concept Illustrations

Product Concept Illustrations

A series of industrial design illustrations and patent drawings for a product developed for the maritime shipping market.

Image of Patent Drawings

Patent Drawings

Patent drawings for a patent successfully-submitted and granted, illustrated by me.

Image of Blog Post Illustrations for STUN Design

Blog Post Illustrations for STUN Design

Blog Post graphics which I illustrated for STUN Design

Image of Headset Illustration for Sports Marketing App

Headset Illustration for Sports Marketing App

A sports scouting iPad app icon.

Image of Asleep Until I AM Ready

Asleep Until I AM Ready

This illustration is about patience when speed is possible, but not advised.

Image of Christmas Card Illustration

Christmas Card Illustration

A Christmas Card designed and illustrated for a former employer.

Image of House Leveling Illustration

House Leveling Illustration

An illustration which illuminates the function of a patented system for leveling a house’s foundation.

Image of Wine Label

Wine Label

An upscale spirits merchant expanded their offering with a branded, bespoke wine for which I designed the label.

Image of Comic Page

Comic Page

This illustration I drew — mixed media of pencil colors, digital coloring, and ink — was inspired by a long week.