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University Website Design Proposal

Proposed design university website refresh.

Context & Background

An established univversity wanted to refresh its design. The university also wanted to move from an outdated content management system (CMS) onto a new enterprise-ready CMS.

Proposed Design

Projects’ needs are best fulfilled with ideation and iterative design based upon research and requirements. Several solutions are created and presented to the client. Each solution may be targeted to certain challenges uncovered when the client’s problem is researched. Certain aspects of the problem and related data are often the starting point of a specific proposed solution.

In this case, my own solution to the problem is not the one that resonated with the client. This particular design may not be the one ultimately chosen by the client, but that doesn’t imply that this design was inappropriate to the problem. Good design is informed by data, but the client makes the final decision. Am I saddened that they didn't pick mine? Sure.

Isral Duke designed this working for Envoc
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