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Private School Website

Website Design and Content Management System set up for a Private School.

Stakeholders and Users

The stakeholders for St Luke’s Eposcopal School (SLES) are the schools board of directors. The primary users are potential parents who are interested in learning more about the quality of education and environment in St Luke’s Episcopal school. The secondary users are the press release writers and content managers who will use the website to deliver various kinds of information.

Context and Background

(SLES) had a website that had been in place for over ten years. That website had been neglected for many of those ten years. To add further difficulty, the school had no control over the website and even lost control of their domain name.

They enjoyed a certain positive reputation in the community so the inaccessible website hadn’t yet impacted their daily operation or public relations. But the board was beginning efforts to increase the school’s educational and program offerings which required a new editable website.

Additional Work

The school had long been attached to St Luke’s Episcopal Church but their new efforts meant they were becoming a separate, albeit still tightly-related entity to the church. In addition to the new website design and content management system setup, I also designed a new brand and wrote a branding manual for them to identify them as a new entity.

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