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Client Information

A large organization with over 100 employees was in the process of modernizing and consolidating its internal software systems. As the process was scheduled to be completed within a couple of years, they needed a way to use a single set of credentials for each employee to simplify some of the internal friction of the systems’ transition. The solution was to build a single sign on system to use across their locations and systems.

User Experience Concerns

With over 100 employees across multiple locations and various technology comfort levels, I had to design a friendly, entry-level method to get credentials from each employee. Several conditions outside of the organization’s control meant that the process for gaining employee comfort and timely credential completion was less than ideal. We used simple language and a guided user flow to make the whole process as easy as possible. Working directly with an infrastructure and system architect, I devised a simple interface for the employees to use across their devices as not every employee had access to larger screens such as tablets or larger screens.

Further Design Considerations

Along with modernizing its internal systems and workflows, the organization was also pursuing a rebrand! This was an excellent opportunity to introduce the employees to the new brand system.

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