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Pantone Adds New Colors

Pantone is the North American leader when it comes to color. Now they have added 315 more colors to their indexed color catalog.


Pantone is the color authority in North America when we discuss colors in print. Pantone has an indexed color catalog which assigns numbers to colors. Instead of just saying “deep red” to a client, a designer can show their client that “deep red” in a swatch book. Then, that designer can tell the printer that PMS 485 C is the red which is required. Pantone’s color index eliminates ambiguity when describing which color is required for a project.

Pantone Red 485 C Swatch Books.
Pantone Red 485 C Swatch Books.

New Colors

Pantone has announced 315 new colors, including 70 blues and 50 pinks. It’s not surprising they have chosen to add 70 new blues, as blue is a commonly-requested color by corporate logo projects. Pantone says:

For 2020 it predicts that Classic Blue (Pantone 19-4502) will be most pervasive and on-trend. The company even made perhaps its most political comment yet in explaining the choice of tone, saying that it symbolised “protection, stability, peace, and confidence, as well as encouraging deep thinking, open mindfulness, and communication” as well as “offering refuge”.

Their colors are chosen to match emerging design and visual trends. As thy have their own “cool hunters,” Pantone stays atop the scene of up and coming fashion and trends.

Swatches of Pantone Colors in a binder. Photo by Its Nice That.
Swatches of Pantone Colors in a binder. Photo by Its Nice That.

Pantone connects their extensive color library into Adobe Creative Cloud so that designers always have the latest colors. With their website color finder (link above), the client can always see the color which the designer has in mind. This way, designer and client can always be seeing red together.



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