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International Poster Competition Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Award in an International Poster Design.

Background and Context

While studying Graphic Design, I also enrolled in German language courses for two semesters. The inspiration for taking German language classes came by posters which promoted commerce, travel, and art exhibits in early twentieth century Switzerland and Germany before the dark days of World War 2. Somehow my German language professor and a Graphic Design professor discovered this poster competition to promote study abroad in Germany for American and Canadian students at DAAD. Immediately they knew this competition was right for me.

Outcome My entry describes Germany as the land of ideas. This message is stated in French, German, and even English. Using the image of a torch, rendered as segmented geometry, you can see the phrases: Venez a la Terre des idees, Gekommen zum Land von Ideen, and Come to the Land of Ideas.


I didn't win, and I didn't get the grand prize, which is a twelve-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Berlin for a digital art festival, I am proud of my entry. This prize is something I will always cherish. You see, some people in Germany, the birthplace of the Bauhaus, who are the originators of modern design philosophy, which you can read about here, think my design is nicely-executed, even if not grand prize material.

Go and read the press release which LSU features on the College of Art and Design website.

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