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The Role of Design in Ancient Society

Design is not new.

Design is not exclusive to the modern world: humans have been creating for purpose since long ago. Flashy mobile phones, sleek cars, and swanky clothing are not the only things humans have created and coveted. An exhibit at Rome’s national museum demonstrates that people have put their minds to the task of serious creating even before the industrial and information ages.

A tunic or shawl which will be in display at the Roman Museum.
A tunic or shawl which will be on display at the Roman Museum.

Great design is timeless.

Looking at the images on the exhibit’s news article at DesignBoom, these objects would be at home in shopping centers, living areas, and nightlife hotspots. It doesn’t matter that these objects are thousands of years old. Form, texture, and material authenticity are some of the core considerations a designer should impress upon their client to imbue dignity across time and age to any created thing. If an object or a layout is trendy, as defined by the current taste, it won’t be considered timeless as humanity moves towards the future.

A tunic or shawl which will be in display at the Roman Museum.
A bronze lion head sculpture which will be on display at the Roman Museum.

Look back to the future.

While yesterday and history aren’t shining examples of things we should thoughtlessly emulate, there are techniques, styles, and treatments which seem to always be fashionable. We don’t really know what’s coming to us, but we know what has worked. We can take what has worked and use that as a starting point to begin designing for things to come.

See more images and read the full article at DesignBoom.



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