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First Brand Name, from the Roman Empire

According to Gizmodo, the first brand name was that of a glassblower from the Roman Empire. From the Gizmodo article:

Ennion made me.

Those were the words molded on glass vases and jars that survived centuries of dust, change, and trauma all over the classical world. You’ll note that the article speaks of Ennion as a Brand Manager. You can read the original article here.

What’s a Brand Manager?

Brand Managers watch the marketplace, its trends and fads, how the products and the company which they represent is perceived. Brand Managers help the companies and products they represent to navigate any positive or negative movements which may affect sales.

Another example of the cups on which the Ennion credit was found.
Another example of the cups on which the Ennion credit was found.

A Brand Manager, for example, may be someone who works for a pizza franchise and decides to change that company’s ad campaign’s direction or even corporate identities as whole after some unfortunate food quality incident. A Brand Manager may also decide to alter these things in response to favorable sentiments in social media for that pizza company. A Brand Manager is like the intersection of public relations and art direction.

Ennion, as mentioned above, ensured his space in the Roman world’s market by making his name a part of the glass pieces that he created.



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