Isral Duke, Designer


UX Designer. Interation Designer. UI Designer. Graphic Designer.


Brand for Premium Travel Agency

A premium travel agency for discerning travellers needed a brand to start its marketing efforts.

About the Client

Roux Luxury Travel is a premium travel agency which creates custom travel packages for business owners and executives who need some dedicated time to unwind.

Design Inspiration

Roux Luxury Travel wants to bring busy professionals where they love to go. Roux Luxury Travel doesn’t book plane flights, it coordinates destination-based excursions wherever their clients likes to spend time recharging. To this aspect of their unique selling point, I used energetic, but not frenetic colors. Combining the familiar heart and map pin elements, and the name “Roux,” we communicate the careful planning and custom nature of their clients’ wishes.

Isral Duke designed this working for Duke Design Agency
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