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Architecture Brochure

Local Advertising Federation organization awards me a Silver Addy in the student category for an architectural brochure.

Background and Context

During my Graphic Design studies at Louisiana State University, I took on a project associated with Habitat for Humanity. One of the architecture professors at LSU, David Baird, led his class to design and build a house with Habitat for Humanity. From the design phase to construction completion, the entire project took only one semester!

Graphic Design Celebrates Architecture

With another student, Alise Johnson, on the graphic part of the project, we decided to portray the architecture class’s accomplishment as a 91cm (36 inch), six panel, fold out, double-sided brochure. The fold out aspect describes how the project materialized, it slowly unfolded. The connecting graphic elements to the brochure describe how each phase in the students’ learning and participating connected to them the family who received the house. We used a montage of photos and drawings produced during the project to illustrate the uncommon path to completion.


David Baird, the professor who led the students, was excited to have graphic designers on his team. When Alise and I earned the Silver Addy, David Baird shared our excitement. We helped to render his ideas for community housing in a visuall exciting way.

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