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SQL Saturday Guidebook App Concept

A guidebook app concept for SQL Saturday, an annual developer conference, designed with Xamarin development in mind.

An annual technical conference got a mobile guidebook app.

SQL Saturday is an annual technical conference held in various cities around the world. Originally created for database administrators as a way to gather and share technical expertise, it has since grown to include a diverse array of subjects. 2018 was the tenth anniversary of SQL Saturday so a mobile app using the guidebook data seemed appropriate.

Design Considerations

I took the design inspiration from the dark theme of Visual Studio, as I myself use it quite a bit in my day job. Further, I constrained myself to layouts easily available to developers working in Xamarin. For each of the topic tracks at SQL Saturday, I designed an icon and chose an accent color to contrast against the dark theme. You can see a clickable prototype here on Sketch Cloud!.

Next Design Moves

I want to add a light theme. In my own experience, a lot of developers I have worked with love dark themes and dark rooms. But as software development is opening up to a bigger array of job roles, quality assurance, designers, and even content writers, lighter themes are beginning to be used more.

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