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Medical Diagnosis Web Application

Client Information

Relief Telemed began life as a startup looking to provide mobile diagnosis to its customers with a network of nurse practitioners. Their approach, to put a mobile app in the hands of the patient, and a web application to a nurse practitioner working remotely, would enable both patient and medical expert to receive and complete a medical visit from home.

User Experience Concerns

I worked with them to design the user interface and user experience, in this case medical experts, on the web application. We wireframed many scenarios and use cases to find the quickest way for the medical expert to input diagnosis information within ten minutes, the average length of a visit. Our tactics for achieving such a goal for the medial expert included paring th euser interface down to the most important information the medical expert needs to know. Our subject matter expert, nurses and medical clinic partners, provided a streamlined flow of medical questions.

Design Considerations

One tactic I relied upon was to use bright bezels for important information, and muted colors for minor interface and background elements. Medical information screens used colors inspired by hospital scrubs, as these colors have been shown to create a positive atmosphere in hospitals or clinics. Vibrant, saturated colors were then free to be implemented to signal important states or alerts.

The video of the patient would remain static on the diagnosis panel so the medial expert would always have the patient front and center to their eyes. The video is presented in portrait orientation to match the most common hand-to-phone physical relationship.

I used a body font size of 20px, 1.5rem, so that all text would be much easier to scan while scrolling and easier to read. The typeface has a tall x-height for easy screen reading.

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