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Learning Management System

A Web application for safety training and certification of pipeline workers.

Stakeholder Hierarchy and User Profile

Pinion Courseware is a learning management system designed and built to improve safety compliance in the petrochemical industry among contractors and employees of those contractors.

The customer of Pinion Courseware is usually a large chemical plant or related factory. This client will contract out many duties and roles to smaller contractors. But, this client needs to ensure that the contractor’s employees have successfully learned any number of relevant safety guidelines. Pinion Courseware is the learning, testing, and certification platform which the client will require the contractors to engage and certify their compliance to such obligations to their client. The actual users of Pinion Courseware are the field workers, pipe fitters, or other skilled laborers employed by the contractors. These users interact with Pinion Courseware to learn the latest safety training compliance material. This training ends when the users successfully meet certifcation parameters.

The education, training, and testing are all completed within Pinion Courseware and transmitted by Pinion Courseware to the relevant record keepers within the clients organization.


Design & Development

While at Pinion Courseware, I worked as the frontend developer, a graphic designer, and as a UX designer. As the frontend developer I refactored the initial, prototype frontend code into the then-industry-standard Bootstrap 3 framework. As the UX designer I designed user flows for the corporate user who created the safety material, wrote the safety tests, and then reported compliance examination results. As the graphic designer, I designed a suite of icons as a SVG sprite. The CSS for the SVG sprite was written in LESS.

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