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iOS Note App

A free note taking and sketch app on the Apple App Store. It’s meant to be fun and easy without being sparse.

When my project partner Patrick Rills, the iOS developer (you can read his website here), and I began thinking about Squiddle, we decided that words we’d like to hear the user say about the app are “Easy” and “Fun.” This simple guideline was the primary user experience constraint which informed our decisions. Decisions regarding UI and UX details, and even features in the app, were critiqued along that primary constraint. Constraints are important as they guide many development and design decisions.

We began with simple pencil and paper sketches in a notebook. Some of the hand sketches featured below are limited to features which appear in the App Store version of the app.

Squiddle is inspired by sticky notes, the square ones that come in a variety of colors, with a thin strip of adhesive. Sticky notes are temporary, disposable (for better of for worse), and meant to quickly cpature ideas. Corresponding to the real world items, the app has simple drawing tools and a simple interface. The user can choose pen sizes, ink colors, note background colors which are taken from actual sticky notes. But to break from the correspondence to the real world, Squiddle can can import a photo as the background.

Design & Development

As I designed the user interface I looked to the to works by many of the Bauhaus legends and even the great Dieter Rams. Hopefully, a review at the initial hand sketches will demonstrate those apirations.

The square format of the sticky notes is a simple geometric canvas. Squares are simple shapes, so I used simple shapes to inform the interface elements and indicators whenever development constraints allowed.

The development code was written with XCode by Patrick Rills, an iOS developer</a> based in Boston. The UI was designed with PaintCode, and the homescreen icon was designed with Affinity Designer.

Download Squiddle on the App Store

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