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Digital License App

La Wallet is Louisiana’s Digital Driver’s License, for iOS and Android. Louisiana is the first state to roll out a completed, digital driver’s license.


The Louisiana legislature passed a law which makes it possible for a digital driver’s license app to be recognized and to be legally valid for traffic stops.

Development & Design

Called “La Wallet,” it is a reference to the French heritage of Louisiana by using the definite article “la” to suggest that this mobile application is the wallet to have. The design of the icon (see the image below) is inspired by the traditionally-known shape of the state of Lousiana, a billfold, and an angle bracket frequently seen in website code.

La Wallet is a product, developed and owned by I worked for Envoc, when the app was in development. I worked on the the UX and UI for the app. Additonally, social media promotion images were also created for the press releases.

UX Considerations

Early in the design phase, I championed the incorporation of a dark mode into the app. The dark mode would be especially useful for evening traffic stops, which would allow the traffic officer to clearly see the license details on the screen without being momentarily blinded. We don’t want the traffic offices to experience the bright phone in the theatre effect.

Another user-centric feature of the app is one-click access to the important license information. Imagien you’re stopped and waiting for the officer. In the case, the user can easily access the license information wihtout searching through menus.

Administrative and Legislative Credits

While not directly involved in the development and design of the core project, I want to acknowledge the many state legislators, state police officials, and other state-level government agencies who collaborated on this project.

Isral Duke designed this working for Envoc
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