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User Interface for Crane Management Web Application

A web app user interface for crane reporting, planning, and maintenance.

Product Information

Mobile harbor cranes are positioned on barges so they can transfer raw materials from cargo ships to barges. These barges are then pushed up the Mississippi River for further distribution.

Crane Data System (CDS) communicates real time and historical data to stakeholders about many aspects of their goods’ transit. CDS streamlines the efficiency of the bulk cargo handler by offering real-time metrics of the cargo being handled, the cranes performing the work, and even ambient weather conditions which might affect the operations, as well real-time transfer progress.

Environmental Consideration

For the user interface, day and night modes were designed to accommodate a twenty-four hour work cycle. Crane operators are in the control room around the clock. Night time operators keep their eyes on the crane boom and a bright screen can be a distraction. The work area is well-lit, but removing the bright interface during the evening reduces eye strain.

Additional Integrations

CDS integrated with a Barge Drafter Tool, another hardware device which measured cargo amounts in barges based on how deeply the barge is pressed into the water.

For confidentiality purposes, only dummy data is being shown.

Isral Duke designed this working for St. James Technologies
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