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Accessing One’s Whole Life


People are wonderfully enabled to bring their contributions to projects, communities, or shared initiatives. As each person is individually enabled, so to can each person be individually hindered. Some people encounter hindrances which can totally prevent them from taking part in simple life tasks. These hindrances can be vision deficiencies, hearing loss, muscular motor challenges, or or they might be some form of cognitive friction.

People who make things can consider those challenges in such a way to either totally prevent those challeges or to enable users to easily overcome those challenges.

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In Digital Appliances

People benefit from software and websites when the creators think ahead and build in accomodations for the users. In software and websites, these accomodations allow users to easily get the information they need and the give the information they need to give. Without these accomodations, the user may struggle and possibly not use the appliance.

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How do digital creators consider and build for users of all challenge levels when it comes to visual design?

We ask questions like:

  • Did we use enough color contrast?
  • Are the buttons large enough to easily tap?
  • Can people use the keyboard to move around the screen?
  • Is the content easy to understand and explained so that it makes sense to newcomers?
  • Do the words appear large enough even for people with vision challenges?
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How do digital creators consider and build for users of all challenge levels when it comes to code?

We ask questions such as:

  • Did we use proper headings to communicate topic segments in the text?
  • Can keyboard users skip all of the navigation and go straight to the main content?
  • Will pressing tab show the user where they are on the page?
  • Does a screen reader have enough information to explain how the content’s parts relate to each other?
  • Is the form easy to fill out without using a mouse?
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Additional Resources

I’ve listed some additional reading material below. I use the resources often in my own daily work and projects.



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