Isral Duke, Designer


UX Designer. Interation Designer. UI Designer. Graphic Designer.


Carousels Have Negative Results on Websites

Carousels appeal to website owners because of the movement and engaging imagery. But are they good for a website? I argue “no.”

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Medical Diagnosis Web Application

A telemedicine company begins operation with a custom web and mobile app.

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Arguments for Real-Time Validation

Should you check a user’s input entry as they type it? A look at the arguments for real-time input validation.

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Religious Kitsch: Idle Idol isn’t Identical Incarnation

We use images to communicate ideas and knowledge. But do the images we use affect how the message is perceived?

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SQL Saturday Guidebook App Concept

A guidebook app concept for SQL Saturday, an annual developer conference, designed with Xamarin development in mind.

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